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Video Exercise

Use iMovie or similar video editing software to learn basic video editing. Video should be related to your Project 3 topic. Video exercise needs to be formatted as a documentary or interview style video. If you have another style idea for your video exercise please contact me.



  • Shoot video clips that are related to your project 3 topic
  • Video needs to be in documentary or interview style
  • Do not shoot video vertically, needs to be landscape orientation
  • Video should be at least one minute long
  • Video needs to be exported, then uploaded to YouTube
  • Include a link to your video on your Project 2 assignments page
  • Embed your video on your project 3 website


  • Must include name of the interviewee (on the bottom corner screen, as title, or other)
  • Include a minimum of 4 open ended interview questions in video
  • Include a minimum of 4 B-Roll clips in the video
  • Video should start with a relevant title screen
  • Your content should be of good quality (good lighting, sharp, good framing, etc)


1. Upload exported video to YouTube account
2. On your Project 2 assignments page, be sure to link to your YouTube video
3. On your Project 3, be sure to embed the video on relevant page


1. Sign into TRACS and go to Drop Box
2. Click on “Add”  and then “Add Web Links URLs”
3. Add your YouTube video URL in the following format http://www.youtubevideo.com
4. Put ‘Video Exercise’ for the Website Name

Due: Sunday, April 19 by 11:59pm

Rubric: Download