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Project 1

Use the basics of HTML to make a personal website about yourself. A total of four pages are required and two of them must be a home and assignments page. DO NOT include any internal CSS or styling attributes. The focus of this project is practicing HTML. We will work on styling in Project 2.



  • Use a text editor to code entirely in HTML
  • Website must have a total of four pages
  • The home page will serve as a personal bio page with image of yourself
  • The assignments page must list out course projects
  • Navigation must be in list format


  • Appropriate text formatting headings to structure pages
  • Three paragraphs on each page (except assignments page)
  • Include at least one list other than the navigation and assignments
  • Include at least one photo on each page of your website (except assignments page)
  • Include at least one table on your website
  • Include at least three external links on your website (must open in new tab)
  • Include email address and last updated date on the home page


  • Make sure all page names end in an html extension
  • All file names must be lowercase and do not include spaces (images and html files)
  • Include relevant title tags for each page

Above and Beyond

  • Additional Items (Images, Links, Tables, Lists)
  • Embedded Videos
  • Social Media Widgets
  • Additional Pages


1. Sign into Fetch or Reclaim Hosting and open the public_html folder
2. Once in publc_html, upload all of your HTML files and images
3. Go to www.yourwebsite.com and check to make sure Project 1 is published


1. Sign into TRACS and go to Drop Box
2. Click on “Actions”  and then “Add Web Links URLs”
3. Add your website URL in the following format http://www.yourwebsite.com
4. Put ‘Project 1’ for the Website Name

Due: Sunday, February 9 by 11:59pm

Rubric: Download