Project 3

Use Bootstrap to create a multimedia storytelling project. You will use a front end framework to code your site. Be sure that you have five pages or sections and one must be the home.



  • Use a text editor to code entirely in HTML and CSS
  • You will use a Bootstrap template and create it to be your own site
  • Must include a custom stylesheet called custom.css that you create yourself and modify
  • All content must be in Bootstrap rows/columns
  • Website must have a total of five pages or sections


  • Must write at least two 400 word articles/stories for your website
  • Two to Three paragraphs per page
  • Custom logo/banner/graphic created in Photoshop
  • Include at least one photo on each page of your website
  • Must include a Bootstrap Slideshow/Carousel
  • Site must include video exercise (embed on appropriate page)
  • Include at least three external links on your website (must open in new tab)
  • Include email address and last updated date on the home page (must be in footer)


  • Make sure all page names end in an html extension
  • All file names must be lowercase and do not include spaces (images and html files)
  • Include relevant title tags for each page

Above and Beyond

  • Embedded Maps
  • Additional Pages or Sections
  • Data Visualizations
  • Embedded Videos
  • Social Media Widget
  • Others


1. Sign into Fetch or Reclaim Hosting and open the public_html folder
2. Once in publc_html, create a new folder called p3 (no spaces and all lowercase)
3. Move all the files from Project 3 into the p3 folder (include all assets from template)
4. The URL for your Project should be tested by going to
5. Confirm this works, then add the Project 3 link to your Project 2 assignments page


1. Sign into TRACS and go to Drop Box
2. Click on “Add”  and then “Add Web Links URLs”
3. Add your website URL in the following format
4. Put ‘Project 3’ for the Website Name

Due: Sunday, November 10 by 11:59pm

Rubric: Download