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Final Project

Use all the skills gained during the course to complete an extensive project over an organization, event or another topic in which you can approve with me. You will use WordPress as a CMS, WP plugins to add desired functionality, and any other tools we covered throughout the semester. Select a topic that will allow you to showcase the skills you have learned over the semester. All content should be your original work. Arrange appropriate interviews, photos, or recordings as necessary. Contact appropriate sources.



  • Create an extensive project using WordPress as the CMS
  • Install the website under a subdomain called www.final.yourname.com
  • Create a child theme with a WordPress theme you choose
  • Website must have a total of five pages
  • Website must include a Home page that introduces your topic
  • Website must also include an About page that includes a photo of you and a short bio
  • Include email address and last updated date on the About page
  • Must make at least 7 CSS selector changes under Additional CSS


  • Must write at least two 400 word articles/stories for your website
  • Two to Three paragraphs per page
  • Include at least one image on every page (must be original photos)
  • Must include one social media widget related to your topic
  • Must include a slideshow/gallery with a minimum of five images
  • Must include a video component (same requirements from video exercise)
  • Must choose one of the four following additional components: video, article, slideshow, interactive quiz plugin (personality or trivia)
  • Include at least three external links on your website (must open in new tab)


  • Change title tags in WordPress settings


1. On your Project 2 assignments page, be sure to link to your final project


1. Sign into TRACS and go to Drop Box
2. Click on “Add”  and then “Add Web Links URLs”
3. Add your website URL in the following format http://www.final.yourwebsite.com
4. Put ‘Final Project’ for the Website Name

Section 09 Due: Wednesday, December 11 by 11:59pm
Section 10 Due: Thursday, December 12 by 11:59pm

Rubric: Download