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Class Discussion

We will be using Slack for class discussion. Join the proper Slack group by using your txstate email to sign up. Then join the four channels that are required.

Section 09: W 6:30pm – 9:20pm – Signup Here | Login Here

Section 10: T/Th 5:00pm – 6:20pm – Signup Here | Login Here


Post 1


Write a post about your experience with coding thus far. Are there any ways that actually working with code is different from your expectations? Also, as we begin styling our sites, include an introduction and description of a website you visit often whose design you are inspired by and include a link to the site.

Due: Sunday, September 15 by 11:59pm

Post 2


After taking the troubleshooting assessment, what are the areas of code you feel most comfortable with? What areas do you struggle with? Do some independent googling and introduce a website where you have found helpful information and/or tutorials on some of the coding topics we’ve covered so far.

Due: Sunday, October 13 by 11:59pm

Post 3


Write a post about the multimedia/storytelling topic you plan to build a site for on project 3. Include some background on your choice, both what and why, what your five (5) pages will be and how you think it lends itself to being the basis for a website. Also include what you will write your articles on, what kind of video you will do, and what type of data you will find.

Section 09 Due: Wednesday, October 16 by 6:29pm
Section 10 Due: Thursday, October 17 by 4:59pm

Post 4


Write a wrap-up post about your experience in the class – what were your favorite assignments? What was a struggle? What areas do you hope to continue studying, whether in another class or on your own?

Due: Sunday, December 8 by 11:59pm